Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Transfer Facilities.

Here at MEC, we aim not only to provide you with the best products, services, and solutions, but with the right knowledge to complement these so that your business could do more. In line with this goal, MEC, through its MEC Knowledge Hub, offers MEC Knowledge Transfer Tracks.

With MEC Knowledge Transfer Tracks, business partners and end-users are provided with a number of Tracks to broaden their expertise in different fields. These Tracks are presented by MEC accredited Solutions Architects and Speakers through theoretical presentations and hands-on technology experiences with actual reference systems and demo units using MEC’s Training Facilities. Since MEC is a Value Added Distributor, all of the offered Tracks are free of charge.

Basic Tracks (Technical)

Here at MEC, we want to make sure that all our partners and end-users fully understand our core competencies because we believe that with giving clients access to the right knowledge, we can assist them in choosing the right product for their needs. This way, we could help them in empowering their business even more through our technical basic tracks which includes: Cabling 101; IP Network 101; Wireless 101; Server-Storage 101; Telephony 101; Surveillance 101; and Network Security 101.

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Basic Tracks (Soft Skills)

In our continuous effort to improve the way we do business, we make sure that we are with our partners and end-users in this undertaking. Our goal of business development encompasses our own company. We also want to help our clients in honing the skills of their team members so that they could provide next level service to their clients. Hand in hand let us take our clients to a better experience through our soft skills basic tracks which includes: Sales 101; Presentation 101; Project Management 101; and Customer Service 101.

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Product Tracks

More than product distribution, we provide knowledge dissemination. Through this, our clients would have a wide range of knowledge of a product; from its features up until its installation. We want our partners to fully grasp the technicalities a product encompasses, and our end-users to be fully capable of maximizing their product use through our product tracks which includes: Product Training; Demo Workshop; Design & Config; and Installation Crash Course.

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Consultancy Tracks

More than product distribution, we provide knowledge dissemination. Through this, In our goal of serving our partners and end-users even further, we want to share ways on how they can push their business forward. Through this they could render more services to their clients and help them build deeper relationships. We believe that in this process, we could help in trickling down services that could help the industry. This is made possible by our consultancy tracks which includes: Consultative Selling 101; and Consultancy Process 101.
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