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The Game has Changed

Planning, designing, and the construction of buildings have evolved over the years. ICT infrastructure planning has now been added in the mix: it has now become a growing necessity for companies to stay competitive in their respective industries.
Looking at the bigger picture, a more thorough process of planning is now being adapted to adhere to the ever-progressing ICT industry.

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MEC innovates the way buildings are being constructed today.

With our Solution Architects, we can help you plan your dream building which is capable of supporting numerous ICT features such as wireless infrastructure, fiber optics, data centers, and more. With MEC, you can gain access to products and services that are deemed essential in constructing your ICT-ready building.

One Clear Goal

In the construction industry, there is one clear goal: build quality edifices that can stand the test of time.

As you plan and implement the construction of buildings, we will take care of the necessary ICT set-up. MEC can help you focus on your goal of building construction and enable you to communicate more efficiently with your partners and clients.


Redefining Engineering Services

MEC also provides specialized engineering services for existing buildings that are not yet ICT-ready. By studying your he building design, we can provide a proof of concept on how you can develop the right ICT infrastructure for your building. This proof of concept will be grounded on MEC’s core competencies for the construction industry.

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