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ICT Solutions for Innovation Everywhere

MEC Networks Corporation aims to empower organizations cut from across different industries with the power of technology. We believe that greater access to information along with ease in communication brought about by technological advancements will help any enterprise, big or small, to innovate the way they operate. Hence, ICT’s role in the dynamic evolution of our industries will fuel the way different organizations achieve their respective goals in this fast-paced world.



Next Generation Infrastructure for the Next Generation

With reliable IT infrastructure, students are able to learn better using today’s technology while being prepared for tomorrow. With our solutions, learners are able to communicate, collaborate, and compute seamlessly and securely – taking them to classroom of the future today.


Sturdy Network for Modern Hospitals

ICT plays a major role in healthcare. It provides a sturdy network to ensure connectivity of every medical equipment needed for diagnosing and treating illnesses. We make sure our products, solutions, and services are ready to accommodate the latest technologies in medicine – ensuring patient safety and comfort for a 21st century hospital.

Hospitality & Gaming

Innovations for Customer Satisfaction

With today’s tech savvy travellers, customers are not limited to a single device when accessing the information they need. With the rise of smart phones and the internet of things, legacy networks may not be enough to keep guests satisfied. At MEC, we help hotel and gaming facilities in keeping their customers safe and happy with physical security and ICT infrastructure solutions for innovative hospitality.

Banking & Finance

Speed & Security for 21st Century Finance.

The banking industry has used business technology to create new options for customers including online banking, instant account access, electronic application process, and wire transfer. We help banks continue innovating by offering fast, reliable, and safe ICT infrastructure – providing maximum performance and security for future-proof banking.

Telco and Carrier

Rely on World Standard Connectivity

In the new mobile world, MEC helps us all get connected anytime and anywhere. By offering telecoms and carriers with our products, solutions, and services, we enable a fast and reliable connectivity – helping bridge the gap between people and information.


Change the Way You Build the Future

MEC innovates the way buildings are being constructed today. With our solutions, we can help you plan your dream building which is capable of supporting numerous ICT features. With MEC, you can gain access to products and services that are deemed essential in constructing your ICT-ready building.


Optimize the Way you Manufacture

Communication plays a vital role in manufacturing. With more and more machines becoming dependent on network connectivity, a reliable infrastructure is key to ensure productivity and automation.With MEC, factories can now focus more on its production through secure and reliable systems -keeping machines and applications at optimum functioning level.


Leverage Store Surveillance and Networking

With consumers becoming more digital and mobile, the retail industry needs to keep up by becoming more agile and visible to the market. Websites, mobile applications, and business critical processes that run through the cloud are made more efficient with the products and solutions we offer – providing business owners the freedom to innovate.


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