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Trending ICT Solutions

In a continuously changing world, new problems arise more often that we think it should. That’s why we do our best to deploy the best new solutions and trends to help you solve new and existing problems alike. With our expertise in different sections of information and communications technology and our engineers training here and abroad, we make sure that world standard solutions are always available here in the Philippines.


Cloud Computing

Soar High with Cloud Ready Networks.

Cloud computing means accessing and storing data and applications over the web, not on your hard drive. With the Cloud, you are no longer dependent on your device. You can work anytime and anywhere with any device. With MEC, we can help you deploy your own cloud environment with our ICT infrastructure offerings – helping you achieve your goals with innovations.


Fast & Secure Mobilization for Your Future Proof Workforce.

Bring Your Own Device is the practice of allowing employees bring personally owned devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to access company information and applications. This allows a more efficient way of communication, collaboration, and computing, allowing organizations to be more progressive and effective. With our wide range of ICT products, we can help you prepare your organization for the mobile revolution – making you mobile ready for the new mobile world.

Big Data

Big Data Storage & Protection.

Big Data is a collection of large and complex data sets that traditional database management can’t handle. Big Data is commonly used in analyzing business trends, researching, disease prevention, crime combat, and more. With Big Data, you can solve your problems before they even occur because you can’t measure what you don’t measure. With MEC, we are here to help you develop an infrastructure ready to manage and protect your Big Data and your big future.

Vertical Solutions

Solutions for Different Industries.

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