Wired Networks

Deploy Future Proof, Cloud and Mobile Ready Wired Networks.

What is
Wired Networks?

Wired Networks serve as the structure that interconnects devices within an area like an office, school, or even a town. Using network switches, bridges, and routers, a wired network helps an organization setting up and expand its network connections. which is deemed crucial for today’s technological requirements.

With digital resources being expected to be available and accessible all the time for organizational use, a reliable wired network must be properly installed to facilitate day-to-day functions.

Future Proof Network

From the early stages of your infrastructure setup, switching will always be one of the most critical factors in future proofing your organization. With today’s rapid changes in the way we access information, MEC ensures that your network will be Cloud and Mobile ready to foster risk management and organizational continuity.

With an overwhelming surge of data piling up in an organization due to more office devices and applications being used by the new generation of employees, traditional switching technologies and techniques cannot support anymore a reliable and fruitful connection for organizations, let alone trends that your organization will continue to adapt in the future. Thus, a programmable and fast wired networks solution is important for organizations to maintain and optimize the way they conduct operations.

The Switching Challenge

As we shift and move into a more data-driven world, we are required to transform our wired networks to keep up with the different trends that abound here and now. Connecting devices are easy with wired networks; however, using wrong switches and techniques could lead to difficulty in accessing information via the network, and maintaining connections and bandwidth.

Traditional and manual switching techniques only slow down the process of efficiently providing bandwidth to users. Without automation, reliability, and security, networks inevitably crumble down and delay the process of innovation.

Wired Networks Solutions

We distribute and deploy a complete portfolio of future proof solutions for Wired Networks across different setups. From Edge Switches, Distribution Switches, Core Switches, Top of Rack Switches, Virtualized Switches, Industrial Switches and Routers, we make sure that your network is future proof and ready for the Cloud, Mobility, and Software Defined Networking.

Programming the
Future of Networking

To bring the future of networking in today’s infrastructure setup, organizations have to prepare for Software Defined Networking, a new approach in data networking that allows network admins to manage their network services through programmable infrastructure. This allowed a more automated approach to usually manual tasks: thus, network admins are able to solve problems faster and more efficiently.

Complementing Portfolio

MEC offers automated Cloud and Mobile ready switching solutions. Our long time experience in distributing state-of-the-art and cost efficient wired networking products gives us a unique perspective on deciding the right solution for an organization. Together with our wide range of competencies on different technologies such as connectivity, wireless infrastructure, and unified communications, we can provide you with reliable and secured wired networking solutions.

Dell networking

Flexible and Manageable Switches for Easy Connection.

HP Networking

Simple, Scalable, and Automated Wired Networks


Industrial Grade Network Switches.

MEC’s RunTime services can also provide corrective and preventive measures for your connectivity infrastructure under the support of our network performance tools.

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