Network Security

Secured Networks for Cloud, Mobility and More.

What is
Network Security?

Network Security is the process of preventing and monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of an organization’s network and resources through provisions and policies. With the emergence of cloud computing and the growth of mobile adoption, organizations now have to be more aggressive in securing their networks to ensure that operation sensitive information does not leak.

Protecting Your
Most Valuable Assets

As we adopt more cloud connected applications in managing corporate information, we are consuming more and more data every day. It is important to note that with more data comes more threats.

Because of the convenience offered by the Cloud and Mobility in terms of information access, organizations have to raise the bar higher when it comes to h protecting their most valuable assets – data and information.

Threats to Your Organization

Adapting the Cloud-based model in our workplace enables us to efficiently manage our network; however, we must see to it that our network operations are entirely free from threats – ensuring that information must not be put into the wrong hands.

Among these threats are Denial of Service Attacks that can harm your operations and prevent you from accessing your network applications and services, not to mention malwares and viruses lurking around your office that can be infectious to your client computers.

Another problem about security is the misuse of bandwidth in offices that can prevent other employees from being more productive. Unauthorized access of social media, peer to peer sharing, and non work related web sites not only lead to inefficient use of resources but also compromise security in the network.

Network Security Solutions

We provide Network Security from the Gateway level up to the Desktop level, all under a single management platform which provides the utmost functionalities of Unified Threat Management. We have Next-Generation Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, IP Sec or Secure Socket Layers, Content Filtering, Email Security, and Anti-Virus.

Next Generation Security

Basic security platforms such as anti-virus software and built-in hardware firewalls will not be enough to deliver network security in the organization level. Organizations need future proof and next generation protection to secure organizational continuity and prevent severe losses. MEC provides products, solutions, and services that can help organizations protect their data and resources through Next Generation Firewall appliances, VPNs, SSLs, and more.

Complementing Portfolio

Network security products are also backed up by MEC’s complete solutions line. Combined with our ICT and Physical Security portfolio, you are sure that all your assets, virtual l and physical, are running smoothly and free of threat – allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

Dell SonicWALL

Next Generation Network Security


High Performance Network Security.

MEC’s RunTime services can also provide corrective and preventive measures for your connectivity infrastructure under the support of our network performance tools.

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