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Tailor Fit ICT Solutions

MEC Networks Corporation provides organizations from different industries with ICT & Physical Security Solutions focused on technologies that we believe are vital in the development and innovation of your organization – helping you focus on achieving your goals.


Infrastructure Development Phases

Helping you innovate during any phase your business is in

Guiding You Through Every Step

We believe that deploying key technology trends all undergo the infrastructure development cycle and we make sure that our core competencies and offerings all take part in any level of the project you might be in such as set-up, security, expansion, and optimization.



Designing and Provisioning



Preventive, Corrective, and Reactive Security Measures



Well-Rounded Growth for the Business



Maintenance and Maximization

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Core Competencies

With our experience in ICT distribution since 1995, we have created various skill sets in developing tailor-fit solutions in different technologies to help our customers improve the way they innovate.

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Our Solutions Skillsets

To create an innovative environment, we believe that communicating, collaborating, and computing should be done flawlessly and seamlessly. We believe that doing these tasks should be easier and faster so that more people can focus on what really matters. Hence, our core competencies are focused on eight strengths that we believe are key aspects in developing your organization.



Reliable Backbone and Cabling Solutions

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Wired Networks

Programmable and Cloud & Mobile Ready Switches

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Wireless Infrastructure

Simple Indoor and Outdoor Wireless for Mobility

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Unified Communications

Simple and Easy Unified Communications Solutions.

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Physical Security

Intelligent Video Surveillance and Analytics.

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Network Security

Secured Networks for Cloud, BYOD, and More

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Servers & Storage

Cloud-Ready Big Data Management and Protection

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Network Performance

Performance & Visibility for Network and Applications

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The Latest Trends for Your Latest Needs.

In any industry, there will always be trends that organizations have to adapt to in order to meet new challenges in a technologically advanced world.. Living in an ever-changing world, new problems arise more often than we think it should. That’s why we do our best to support key IT trends to help you solve new and existing problems alike. With our long experience in different sections of information, communications, and technology, we make sure that world standard solutions are always available here in the Philippines.

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Solutions for any Industry

MEC Networks Corporation aims to empower organizations cut from across different industries with the power of technology. We believe that greater access to information along with ease in communication brought about by technological advancements will help any enterprise, big or small, to innovate the way they operate. Hence, ICT’s role in the dynamic evolution of our industries will fuel the way different organizations achieve their respective goals in this fast-paced world.

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Services Portfolio

Value Added ICT Distribution.

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