BIG Data Backup/Protection & Management.

More than Backup, It’s Quantum

Every day, you create and manage the world’s most important data: your own. That’s why it’s important to work with the leader in backup, recovery, and archive. We collaborate with our customers in a variety of industries and offer a range of flexible, scalable, and cost-effective products to meet specific needs. From the proven technologies used in our tape libraries to the latest advancements in data deduplication, our products are designed to help you preserve what matters most.

Why Choose Quantum?

Solutions Suite


Disk Backup Systems

The DXi-series of deduplication appliances leverages our patented variable-length data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk requirements by 90 percent or more and cut your overall backup costs.


Tape Libraries

Companies are faced with massive data growth and the need to store that data for longer periods of time whether for compliance reasons to because the data continues to have value. These companies need a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-manage solution with options to scale from TB’s up to many PB’s.


Virtualization Backup

Quantum vmPRO Software backs up VMs in native VMware format. This enables users to restore or boot VMs in seconds without the use of a backup application, reduces virtual server and network usage by reducing VM image sizes before backing up those images to backup storage, and substantially reduces the cost of using traditional backup applications to back up virtual environments.


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