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About Panduit

Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955 we launched our first product, Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.

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More than Copper and Fiber

For over 60 years, customers have turned to Panduit for electrical and networking products that enable them to design, deploy and maintain a robust physical infrastructure that is flexible for the business requirements of today and tomorrow. Panduit not only understands customer challenges, but we also have a profound knowledge of emerging applications and the latest technologies.

Why Choose Panduit?

Data Center Information Management

As the demands of the network are becoming more intricate and intertwined and failures are no longer isolated to individual systems, the need to automate the management of the physical Infrastructure is critical to mitigate risk proactively before crisis situations arise in the data center.

Space Saving Cable Management Rack System

The trend towards consolidation, virtualization and automation in the enterprise is driving the need to maximize space utilization to reduce capital expenditures and operational costs while maintaining network reliability and availability. This trend is placing greater demands on the physical infrastructure to help manage growing cable densities, larger network equipment and increasing energy usage

Tangle Free RJ45 Hooks

Panduit’s patented tangle-free latch prevents snags and provides easy release, saving time on frequent moves, adds, and changes.

Embedded Boot/Protection

In order to deploy an effective security system, you must first have a robust, reliable cabling infrastructure. Panduit offers high bandwidth cabling systems for small, medium, and large enterprise applications. The TX5500™ Category 5e Copper Solution is ideal for smaller office environments.

US Branded

Panduit is a US made brand which means quality is at the foundation of all our products and is supported by their ISO 9001 and 14001-certified manufacturing facilities.

Solutions Suite

Copper & Fiber Technology

As data center convergence becomes more commonplace, so do the demands placed on the physical infrastructure. Whether you’re trying to increase your network’s throughput, reduce latency or enable improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Panduit High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) systems can help.

Data Center Solution (Racks, Enclosures, Cabinets)

For most data centers approximately 70% of the operating budget is spent on maintaining existing infrastructure while only 30% is for innovations aligned to your business goals. Your challenge is to reverse that allocation and transform your data center into a strategic business asset.

Cable Management & Accessories

As technology and equipment have evolved, data transfer and communications infrastructures have become commonplace on the factory floor. Meanwhile, the convergence and integration of electrical, control and communication systems is increasing the importance of proper cable and wire management.

Zone Cabling Architecture

Key to a converged physical infrastructure is the use of a zone cabling architecture. As part of this approach, all system networks are converged within a common pathway from telecommunications rooms to consolidation points. The final termination occurs within the zone enclosures that are distributed throughout the building, allowing cables to be managed and patched in a single enclosure.

Identification Solutions

Moves, adds, and changes are costly whether working with electrical or networking equipment. From the central plant to the work area, the Panduit Infrastructure Identification Solution, featuring hand-held and desktop printers, software and consumables can save time and money with a complete identification offering. Eliminate waste on a job by properly identifying network or electrical cables with wire labels and cable tags, which will help in providing a safer work environment and meeting regulatory compliances.

Panduit News

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New Panduit GTS-E Cable Tie Hand Tool Offers Lowest Industry Handle Force and Impact Shock for Installer Productivity and Safety

Plant Network Infrastructure Visibility w/ Panduit IntraVUE™

Real-Time Visibility into Critical Plant Network Infrastructure & Panduit IntraVUE™

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Gartner Names Panduit A DCIM Magic Quadrant Visionary

17 vendors were positioned in the magic quadrant upon Gartner’s thorough evaluation of proficiencies for completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Panduit Expands SynapSense to European Market

Panduit expands the availability of SynapSense Cooling Optimization for large enterprise, colocation, and cloud computing service providers in the European market.

Panduit Category 8 System Receives Third Party Confirmation

The Panduit Category 8 cabling system has been tested and confirmed to meet the draft of the proposed Category 8 TIA-568-C.2-1 standard.

Panduit Expands to Space-Saving Network Cabling Solution

Panduit's small diameter cabling brings advantages of higher cabling density and increased pathway capacity to users of 10GBASE-T networks.

New Panduit Harness Board System Aims to Improve Productivity

The patent-pending Quick-Build™ Harness Board System is a revolutionary modular, expandable solution which increases productivity and profitability.

Panduit Acquires IntraVUE

IntraVUE® Network Diagnostic Software is an addition to the Panduit Industrial Automation Infrastructure offering

CyrusOne Deploys Cooling Optimization Solution by Panduit

Panduit's Cooling Optimization solution saves significant energy costs for CyrusOne

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Yahoo wins Data Center Energy Efficiency Award

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PanGen Industrial Automation

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MEC Enters Transformative Partnership w/ Panduit

Transforming Your Data Center

MEC to Launch Partnership with Panduit

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