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Globally Recognized ICT Products

MEC offers a wide variety of ICT and Physical Security products to support different industries in helping them in their Infrastructure Set-Up, Security, Expansion and Optimization.

These products are collected from carefully selected brands from across the globe and are brought here in the Philippines to be distributed to our partners who provides them to end users. Together, MEC and system integrators help organizations adapt to trends like Cloud Computing, BYOD, and Big Data, ensuring that customers get peace of mind with reliable and secure ICT & Physical Security products.

Our Core Competencies

MEC carefully selects the brands it carries through various processes to ensure that the best products are introduced to the right users at the right time. Our ICT and Physical Security products complement each other to provide efficient solutions in helping organizations focus on their goals.


Reliable Backbone and Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling & Optical Networking

With Connectivity, MEC provides a wide range of structured cabling products to help organizations in developing a sound IT backbone. From Copper & Fiber Optic Technologies, Horizontal & Vertical Cabling, Data Racks, Faceplates, Accessories, to In and Off Premise Systems or Outside Plant Facilities, and Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS), MEC ensures that customers get efficient and fast connections.

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World Leader in Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling.

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Innovation and Quality Connectivity Solutions You Can Rely On.

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Cost Effective and High Speed Broadband Access Services.


Wired Networks

Programmable and Cloud & Mobile Ready Switches

Network Switches & Routers

We distribute and deploy a complete portfolio of future proof solutions for Wired Networks across different setups. From Edge Switches, Distribution Switches, Core Switches, Top of Rack Switches, Virtualized Switches, Industrial Switches and Routers, we make sure that your network is future proof and ready for the Cloud, Mobility, and Software Defined Networking.

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HP Enterprise

Simple, Scalable, and Automated Networks.

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Industrial Grade Wireless Switches.


Wireless Infrastructure

Simple Indoor and Outdoor Wireless for Mobility

Access Points & Wireless Mesh

For Wireless Infrastructure, we also provide indoor and outdoor wireless solutions. We make Wireless Access Points, Controllers, and In & Off Premise Wireless Solutions with Mesh available here in the Philippines to help workforces become more productive and mobile. With reliable and secure wireless connectivity, organizations can take advantage of new mobile policies like BYOD and Cloud Adoption.

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Cambium Networks

Leading Global Provider of Wireless Broadband Solutions.

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Wireless Mesh Antennas for Reliable Connectivity Anywhere.

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High Performance Network Security.

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HP Enterprise

Simple, Scalable, and Automated Networks.

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Ruckus Wireless

Smart Wireless Access Points for BYOD.


Unified Communications

Simple and Easy Unified Communications Solutions.

IP Phones & Voice Switches

Through Unified Communications, MEC gives you the power to simplify life by providing solutions to unify the way you connect to people – integrating both traditional and latest technologies to optimize the way you communicate and collaborate. We offer products such as IP PBX & IP Telephony Platforms, Mobility Applications, Contact Centers, IP Phones, IP SoftPhones, and Voice Switches.

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Simple and Scalable Unified Communications.


Physical Security

Intelligent Video Surveillance and Analytics.

IP Camera, FDAS, Analytics & Access Control

We don’t just provide surveillance, we offer intelligent and advanced products for Physical Security. We have wide-ranging IP Cameras such as Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Fixed Type, Bullet Type, Dome Type, and PTZ. Along with our IP Cameras, we also offer Video Management Systems, Network Video Recorders, Encoders, Decoders, Access Control Systems, and Video Analytics for People Counting, Missing Object, Unidentified Objects, Facial recognition among others. As a new addition to our lineup, MEC now offers Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS) products.

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Axis Communications

Intelligent Security Solutions From the World Market Leader.

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Bosch Security

Global Supplier of Security, Safety and Communications Solutions.

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Advanced and Affordable IP Surveillance Solutions.

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Thermal Imaging, Night Vision, and Infrared Camera Systems.

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Smart Evolution in IP Surveillance.

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Global Leader in Intelligent Video Management.

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Milestone Systems

Global Leader in Video Management Software and Solutions.

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Trusted Video Management.


Network Security

Secured Networks for Cloud, BYOD, and More.

Next Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management

We provide Network Security from the Gateway level up to the Desktop level, all under a single management platform which provides the utmost functionalities of Unified Threat Management. We have Next-Generation Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, IP Sec or Secure Socket Layers, Content Filtering, Email Security, and Anti-Virus.

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Next Generation Network Securirty.

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High Performance Network Security.


Servers & Storage

Cloud-Ready Big Data Management and Protection

Data Center Ready for the Cloud

We also provide Servers and Storage for data storage, protection, and management. We have Next Generation Servers on Tower Type, Rack Mounted or Blade Form Factors, Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage or Storage Area Networks Environment, Primary Storages, and Secondary Storages either on Tape Based Libraries or Disk Based Libraries.

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Big Data Backup and Protection Management.


Network Performance

Visibility Fabric, Bandwidth Management & Application Performance Management

Access Points & Wireless Mesh

MEC helps organizations to ensure that their network and applications are running at optimum level. MEC provides monitoring tools to optimize ICT infrastructure through Network Performance. We have Measurement Tools and Network Performance Management Correlated with Application Performance Management for Network Visibility. For Network Performance Optimization, we offer Bandwidth Managers and WAN Accelerators.

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Spectrum and Network Analyzers.

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Allot Communications

Smart Bandwidth Management Analytics.

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