Fortinet Catches Zero-Day and Advanced Threats in Everyday Applications

Fortinet FortiSandbox Catches Zero-Day and Advanced Threats Hidden in IE, MS Office Files, PDFs, Web Page URLs, Zip files and Network File Share Locations

Further Strengthens FortiGate and FortiMail with New Integrated Capabilities as part of Fortinet’s broader Advanced Threat Protection Framework

Fortinet announced last February 24, 2015 the launch of FortiSandbox 2.0, upgrading and enhancing their top-rated FortiSandbox Advanced Threat Detection Appliances and  FortiSandbox Cloud solutions, with a stronger  power to discover more advanced threats than ever before. FortiSandbox has excellent affinity with Fortinet’s other products. With Fortinet’s FortiGate, FortiSandbox Cloud offers the ability to quarantine compromised users and end points with just one click. When used with FortiMail, previously unknown email threats are proactively and automatically blocked. Combined with Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection Framework ensures a net level protection from the ever-growing, complicated cyber threats.

Protection from Advanced Threats

With the different cybersecurity threats of today, it’s safe to say that what you can’t detect can hurt you. Attacks now are highly targeted and tailored, which enables threats to bypass traditional security defenses by disguising itself as innocuous files that you see in any organization’s day-to-day activities.

To fend off and eradicate these advanced  threats, Fortinet’s FortiSandbox enhances its independently rated and NSS Labs Recommended 99% breach detection rating with new features that scan more file types including Microsoft Office, PDFs, Internet Explorer, web URLs, shared file repositories and can even unzip and scan archived files. This ensures that IT departments are completely protected from any form of malicious code.

Vice President, Marketing Products at Fortinet

The number one most exploited vector for attacks within an enterprise has consistently been through an organizational emails. Our updated FortiSandbox 2.0 and overhauled Advanced Threat Protection Framework were engineered to shine a light on the dark places, like emails and attached documents, where many other security solutions just can’t see. This provides Fortinet customers with the piece of mind that they are protected from the most nefarious threats out there.

John Maddison, Vice President, Marketing Products at Fortinet


The procurement and legal departments within the office are assured of license compliance based on Genuine Microsoft Windows and Office licenses that ship with every appliance. FortiSandbox with the help of either FortiGate or Fortimail reports the whos, whens, and wheres on malicious files and simplifies the blocking and quarantine process of any incursion, taking it to the next level rather than simple threat detection.

Source: Fortinet

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