Fortinet 2015 Threat Predictions

Cyber Threats to Increase in Scope and Complexity in the New Year as Black Hat Hackers Become More Sophisticated, According to Fortinet 2015 Threat Predictions

FortiGuard Labs Researchers Anticipate Increase of Vulnerabilities, IoT Attacks, Denial of Revenue and Counter Threat Intelligence Exploits that Could Impact Multiple Industries and Governments Globally

Fortinet, and its threat research division FortiGuard Labs, have taken predictions to determine the most significant cyber threats of 2015 – both from the perspective of a Black Hat hacker, as well as a Threat Intelligence solutions vendor. As trends such as the cloud and mobility increase, and more devices are connected to networks, cyber criminals will focus more on Internet of Things attacks and advanced evasion techniques, while also maintaining exploits to large-scale server side vulnerabilities for financial gains and other nefarious purposes. Business and government organizations are still at risk, as are consumer’s important personal information.

Global Security Strategist at Fortinet

FortiGuard Labs has been monitoring and detecting cyber threats for over a decade, to ensure Fortinet customers are protected and the industry at large is more aware of looming dangers. Our white hat threat researchers step into the black hat world on a daily basis and think in tandem with the enemy, to help protect against the enemy.

Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist at Fortinet


According to Fortinet, significant trends and cyber security threats from the perspective of a black hat hacker in 2015 include:

  • Blastware to Destroy Systems, Erase Data and Cover Hacker Tracks
    Following Scareware and Ransomware is a new trend of malware, Blastware, which could provide hackers with new ways to infiltrate systems, gather data and wife out information. FortiGuard Labs observed the first indications of Blastware just last 2014.
  • Hackers Look to Evade Law Enforcement, Frame the Innocent
    Law enforcement practices to catch and penalize perpetrators grows as cyber crime in turn increases. Fortinet predicts Sandbox evasion to be the focus of cyber hackers to improve on.
  • Internet of Things Becomes Internet of Threats (IoT)
    Focus on server side vulnerability and exploitation will be continuing, given that the issues of Heartbleed and Shellshock in 2014.
  • Denial of Revenue/Data Breaches Continue and Expand
    2014 is starting to be known as the “year of the data breach,” with FortiGuard predicting for the trend to continue in 2015 as hackers become more sophisticated and find new loopholes for infiltrating retail and financial systems.
  • Rise in Counter Threat Intelligence
    As crime services extend their research and coverage, hackers will utilize the same type of processes for determining the best ways to bypass security systems.

Actions Threat Intelligence and Network Security vendors must take in order to protect against new threats:

  • Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • Proactive Incident Response

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Source: (Fortinet)