Keep Your Guard Up w/ Fortinet

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fortinet over Your Current Network Security Provider.

10 Reasons to Choose Fortinet

1.) Fortinet is a leader in Unified Threat Management. Based on a study done by Gartner, Fortinet is “at the forefront of making and selling UTM products” and “leads the market in offering new safeguarding features, and in enabling customers to deploy them inexpensively without significantly affecting the end-user experience or increasing staffing burdens.”

Numerous leading organizations and service providers rely on Fortinet technology to protect their networks, including:

  • 8 of the top 10 Fortune companies in Americas
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in EMEA
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in APAC
  • 7 of the top 10 Fortune telecommunications companies
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune banking companies
2.) Caters to businesses of all sizes through its high-end, mid-range, and entry level products, ensuring that each network will be given quality Firewall and UTM. Whether companies need to deploy a High Performance Data Center Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a smaller UTM device for Distributed Enterprise sites or small businesses, there is a FortiGate physical or virtual appliance that can fit any network’s security requirement.
3.)Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewall Platform and Advanced Threat Detection system is backed up by its diverse application security suite, and is designed to maximize protection and optimize performance. Here’s a list of Fortinet’s application security suite:

  • Application Delivery Controllers
  • Cloud-based Server Load Balancing
  • Database Security
  • DDoS Protection
  • Link Load Balancer
  • Secure Mail Gateway
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Web Caching
4.)The FortiOS is the operating system foundation for the FortiGate platform. It offers a broad range of quality security capabilities and configuration options, which includes:

  • Significantly faster SSL inspection
  • Richer reporting with even more out-of-the-box reports and drill down capability from FortiAnalyzer
  • Tighter integration with FortiAuthenticator and FortiSandbox for seamless Strong Authentication and Advanced Threat Protection
5.) Last October 2014, Fortinet launched the world’s fastest Data Center Firewall Appliance, with the new FortiGate-3810D with 100GbE Interfaces and 300+Gbps Throughput. Fortinet, with its Firewall Platform and Advanced Threat Detection system, can deliver fast, quality protection.
6.) Fortinet’s FortiGate physical and virtual appliances can adapt to numerous trends in the IT industry, given its scalable and integrated nature. FortiGate is cloud-ready, having features such as Multi-tenant/ Virtual Domain support, Support for VMware and all major hypervisors, APIs for rapid orchestration and fast integration with 3rd party ecosystems. It also adapts to mobility with FortiCarrier, which provides enhanced FortiOS security features specifically designed for 4G LTE Carrier and ISP Networks
7.) Fortinet is the only unified threat management vendor to earn certifications across all core security technologies. These certifications attest Fortinet’s ability to consolidate multiple security technologies into a single device while still meeting the highest standards of performance and accuracy. Certifications include:

  • 5 ICSA Labs security certifications
  • NSS UTM certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • 12 Virus Bulletin (VB) 100% awards
  • IPV6 certification for FortiOS 4.0
  • Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL 4+) for FortiOS 4.0
  • FIPS PUB 140-2
  • NEBS Level 3
8.) FortiGuard Labs has a global team of threat researchers that continuously monitor the evolving threat landscape. With a team of over 125 FortiGuard Labs researchers, Fortinet provides around the clock coverage to ensure their clients’ networks stay protected. It delivers product updates and detailed security knowledge, providing protection from new and emerging threats.
9.) FortiGuard Labs, the global threat research arm of Fortinet, discovered 18 critical zero-day vulnerabilities in 2013 – more than any other network security vendor in the industry, leading the industry in zero-day discoveries. These ad to a total of 143 Zero-Day vulnerabilities discovered since 2006. Zero-day discoveries are important in preventing exploits to previously unknown vulnerabilities in a computer application or operating systems.
10.) Fortinet developed its integrated architecture specifically to provide extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency. Its unique approach minimizes packet processing while being able to accurately scan the data for threats. Custom FortiASIC processors deliver the power needed to detect malicious content at multi-Gigabit speeds.

These simple features give Fortinet unmatched performance, given that other security technologies are unable to protect against today’s wide range of content and connection-based threats due to the heavy reliance on general-purpose CPUs, causing a performance gap. FortiASIC processors provide the performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third-party certifications, and ensure that any client’s network security solution does not become a network bottleneck.

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