History of ICT in the Philippines

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June is National ICT Month

As we celebrate ICT Month this June, and the International International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Union’s 150th year, let’s look back at the history of ICT in the Philippines and how it shaped up to how it is right now.

Before ICT

Before 1928, telecommunications in the Philippines was segmented. You could only call people within your own small city.


American-owned PLDT was incorporated and given the franchise to establish and operate telephone services in the Philippines. Small phone companies in the provinces were acquired to speed up the rollout process.


PLDT became a Filipino-controlled corporation bought by Ramon Cojuangco.


PLDT establishes the country’s first cellular telephone network.


With the support of the Department of Science and Technology and the Industrial Research Foundation, the Philnet project (now PHNET ) was born.


Benjie Tan, who was working for ComNet established the Philippine’s first connection to the Internet at a PLDT network center in Makati City.


PLDT introduces the DSL, or digital subscriber line.


Mobile Cellular Subscriptions reach 102 million.



Philippines named fastest growing internet population in the last five years with a growth of 531%

Number of Philippine Internet users at 38 million out of a population of 100 million.

Internet users in the Philippines predicted to be at 66 million by 2016.


How the Philippines is investing in ICT

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