Case Study: ACE BPO

ACE BPO implemented ShoreTel Unified Communications and Enterprise Contact Center as part of a desktop and application virtualization.


ACE BPO’s Exponential Growth Plans Supported By ShoreTel UC And Enterprise Contact Center Solution

ACE BPO is a business division of Abucay Multi-Purpose Cooperative (‘AMPC’), a credit cooperative founded in 1999 to provide savings and lending services to members from the Abucay region in the province of Bataan, Philippines. The cooperative currently manages more than 300 million pesos on behalf of its 3000 plus members, with revenues generated by the business used to support community initiatives, such as education and housing programs.

In 2015, AMPC decided to diversify its business and invest in the rapidly-growing business process outsourcing (BPO) space. With agriculture the dominant industry in Bataan, many of the region’s younger generation were leaving the community to work in the big cities like Manila. ACE BPO (the AMPC Center of Excellence Bataan Peninsula Outsourcing) was established to provide local employment opportunities for young people, with 100 million pesos earmarked to building a BPO operation that will eventually scale to 1800 agents.

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