Report: HP Gets Stronger in Networking

Analyst Reports show that HPN is best positioned to lead ethernet switch market.

On Momentum to take the Lead

HP Networking has been one of the world’s leader in delivering state-of-the-art wired and wireless networking products and solutions has been making a lot of noise lately in analyst reports. With Data Center Consolidation, Virtualization, BYOD, and SDN becoming more than just trends but actual needs of organizations who want to deliver a more connected and fluid work environment, HP is just well positioned to be an industry leader.

Infonetics Research’s report titled “Data Center and Campus Ethernet Switch Vendor Leadership: North American Enterprise Survey” provides insight on IT decision makers opinions about switch vendors, factors considered during product evaluation, and deployment plans.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Networks as well as equipment expenditures are still expanding
  • Network equipment is replaced within 5 years
  • Changing technology requirements drive switch replacements, specifically higher performance and security.

Reliability, service and support as well as technology innovation are the most important criteria buyers use to select vendors, and the most common reasons for changing vendors are reliability problems, lack of value, and major network refreshes or architectural changes.

“HP is best positioned to take on Cisco.” – Infonetics Research

The results of the survey showed HP making a strong showing in enterprises that are evaluating vendors for their network. Infonetics substantiated that result stating “HP’s strong suits are their service and support, technology innovation and value proposition”.

In the report’s conclusion, Infonetics stated that “HP is best positioned to take on Cisco.”

We believe this information is relevant and valuable for customers because it is one more validation of HP’ s leadership and market position as a s a credible and viable alternative for campus and data center networking solutions. – especially for those organizations who are looking to simplify their network, unify physical and virtual networks and take full advantage of Software-defined Networking.

Not only that, in another report, this time coming from Gartner; one of the world’s leading authority in ranking technology providers, declined to name a market leader, even though Cisco has more market share than the other companies combined in their data center networking Magic Quadrant.

The majority of network engineers today have based their careers on building and maintaining Cisco networks. Now, as they think about the future of their data centers, many engineers need to determine whether the vendor’s data center architecture can get them to that future.

”The issue with Cisco is that they don’t have a coherent vision. It changes on a fairly regular basis. They have overlapping and conflicting sets of solutions, When you look at Cisco’s portfolio, you really have to determine what problem you are solving and that determines what hardware architecture you buy. And it’s difficult to migrate between those architectures, as opposed to most of the other vendors on the market where you can start with a hardware approach, and if your architectural requirements change, it’s a software load to move from one solution to another.”
Mark Fabbi, ”vice

A lot are even doubting if the brand is trying to lead the industry anymore, commenting Cisco has been more focused to competive pressure rather than leading. The problem goes back to 2008 when Cisco introduced the Nexus 7000, a switch that was a response to Juniper’s entrance into enterprise switching — a pattern that has only continued, he said.

“They introduced low latency [Nexus 3000] switches because of the competitive threat they were seeing from Arista. And they rushed ACI [Application Centric Infrastructure] into the market because of the competitive threat of VMware. They’ve become a reactive vendor and a reactive vendor isn’t a leader.”

With the IT industry moving forward to more automated data centers, HP is taking huge leaps in helping people do the things that matter to them most with Future Proof, best-in-class equipment.

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