HP Data Center Interconnect

Enable organizations to extend the benefits of multi-tenant private clouds with HPN.

Bridging the cloud with transport agnostic HPN datacenter solution

To better enable organizations to extend the benefits of multi-tenant private clouds across multiple data centers, HP has developed data center interconnect solution with multiple technologies to help organizations quickly and easily extend layer 2 networking to multiple data centers.

Along with existing DCI solutions based on DWDM, MPLS/VPLS , HP now introduces a new innovative technology as Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI) and has developed Multi-tenant Device Context (MDC) technologies specifically to extend multi-tenant environments between data centers.

The goal of these solutions is to create an transport agnostic network enabling organizations to provide workload mobility, perform VM migrations quickly and easily across multiple data centers for higher availability, reliability, and agility.


  • Mobile Workloads and long distance vMotion: HP DCI establishes reliable connections between data centers that serve as a platform for fast and reliable vMotion between distant data centers. The added speeds of up to 80% improvement of vMotion enhance the value of workload mobility and make applications more available to users.
  • Investment Protection: HP DCI solution can be customized to fit the customer’s exact environment, from IP to MPLS to DWDM. HP DCI solution works with customers’ existing IP networking infrastructure without requiring changes. This protects networking investments and allows easy and seamless deployment.
  • High Availability: The HP DCI solution establishes active/active links between data centers. Along with HP IRF, EVI establishes reliable links with link aggregation and failover capabilities. This gives users uninterrupted access to applications in the event of disruption of service at one data center.
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Replication: data can be replicated across data centers using EVI. In the event of failure, EVI provides the means to recover data from remote data centers and ensures business continuity.
  • Multi-tenant enabled Layer 2 extension solution: DCI solution can leverage MDC technology to partition a single 12500 into multiple logical devices, which provides up to 75% reduction of the number of physical platforms leading to CapEx and OpEx reductions.


  • Customizable solution to meet exact customer needs and environment. (DWDM, VPLS or IP based solutions).
  • Varity of FlexNetwork family hardware support.
  • Automatic HA with IRF.
  • Automatic loop avoidance and failure domain isolation.
  • Single touch of management and deployment.
  • Scale up to 8 datacenters, and 4K of VLANs.

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