HP Campus Solutions

Simplify mobility with a network that delivers low TCO, agility and opportunities for monetization.

Industry’s most Complete Cloud-Managed and Unified Wired & Wireless Solution

Simplify mobility

Meet today’s demands with a simplified network that aligns to business requirements delivered by an HP complete cloud-managed and unified wired and wireless solution, which delivers the right user experience, solves for limited IT resources and creates business opportunities with a software-driven network.

Achieve the right user experience with the right infrastructure

  • Get users online faster with cloud-managed access points
  • Enable 3x improvement in WLAN performance with HP 560 802.11ac access points
  • Deploy wired & wireless easily with the HP 517 Unified Wall Jack

Meet the challenge of limited IT resources

  • Simplify management & deployment with HP Cloud Managed Networking Solution
  • Unify wired & wireless networks with new HP 870 & HP 850 Unified Appliances delivering scalability & consistent policy
  • Enhance network security with best-in-class mobile device management integration with IMC

Increase business results with SDN applications

  • Improve user experience for UC&C with Network Optimizer application
  • Stop threats and deliver security at the edge with Network Protector application
  • Create new revenue opportunities with HP Location Aware SDN Application and make the network an enabler of business


Lowers TCO by 47% *


3X faster network **


Create new revenue opportunities


Expand access with Cloud Managed Networking

Simplify day-to-day operations and minimize IT spend with HP’s easy-to-manage cloud network solution for SMB and remote offices.

Gain speed with the HP 560 ac Access Points

Achieve network agility and enable organizations to support the growing number of mobile devices, while improving the user experience with speeds three times faster than 802.11n with the HP 560 ac Access Points.

Skills for a Unified Network

Simplify your journey to a unified campus network with HP ExpertOne training and certification.

SDN-based and cloud managed wireless solutions will provide tools that offer network managers greater flexibility and scalability and, more importantly, programmability of networking resources to support the needs of their businesses.
Rohit Mehra, ”Vice
HP was able to easily integrate with our partner Wellcoms Technology to deliver streamlined connectivity with a unified wired and wireless management strategy for our network across our 500 plus stores, all while helping us increase sales with targeted advertising.
Pascal Trecult, ”Chief
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