Hikvision: Innovation Dedicated to Your Security

Get to know a little more about the company behind one of the world’s top choices for physical security, Hikvision.


While you may have already seen some of Hikvision’s most notable cameras as well as key features even the most their basic cameras have, you might be wondering how Hikvision has made it possible to continuously roll out new products and features with the latest technology. Get to know a little more about the company behind one of the world’s top choices for physical security.

Hikvision was founded in 2001 in Hangzhou, China and has since grown to gaining 16.3% in total market share in terms of revenue in 2015, according to market research firm IHS. One of the reasons for the company’s skyrocketing success is their hard focus on research and development efforts. Hikvision devotes 8% of its annual revenue to research and development efforts to further improve their product suite, as well as add to their existing comprehensive lineup.

Hikvision HQ

Hikvision’s Headquarters in Hangzhou, China

While it is commonplace for similar companies to have continuous research and development efforts, research efforts of Hikvision’s scale make their company more unique. Aside from dedicating a set portion of their annual revenue for research efforts, the company’s over 5,400 engineers make use of that allocated revenue to bring to the market the most advanced security technology. Additionally, the company holds an astounding 400 copyrights and 600 patents to prove that they are always set on various development efforts.

Hikvision has become a household name in the physical security industry and it’s not so hard to see why and how they were able to achieve such a status. Hikvision has definitely earned the trust of many customers along the way and it continues to address customer problems through continuous research efforts. Research and development has remarkably become one of Hikvision’s signatures. You can rest assured that Hikvision will always have the smart answer to your security needs.