Ensures timely and regular collection of all payments, documents from clients.


  • Plans and follows the most efficient route/s to be able to pick up all scheduled itineraries for the day
  • Picks up documents such as 2307, letter, and cancelled documents as scheduled for the day
  • Takes record of payments collected from clients, and items/documents sent and received during the day; Records information such as client’s response to messages/documents received
  • Provides a daily report on what has been accomplished for the day and what is/are needed to be re-scheduled
  • Performs routine maintenance on delivery vehicles, such as monitoring fluid levels and replenishing fuel and others; reports on the condition and maintenance of the delivery being used
  • Coordinates and sends important messages/information/documents from company to clients and other related agencies; Transmits pertinent documents relevant to billing and collection to and from clients.


  • College graduate
  • Preferably with at least one year work experience related to messengerial/collector/liaison functions
  • Good interpersonal skills; able to relate well with people at various levels within an organization
  • Can work well independently and as part of a team
  • Driving skills (w/driver’s license).