Bosch Unveils EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX

The new EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX camera from Bosch is explosion-proof.

New family of cameras for hazardous environments

Munich – Bosch introduces a new family of explosion-proof IP cameras for hazardous environments – EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX. These cameras have been engineered to promote safe operation within hazardous environments.

As EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX cameras exhibit explosion-proof capabilities, they are designed to operate in potentially volatile environments, without the possibility of causing an explosion.

The new EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX cameras deliver the highest quality of images, regardless of exceptional temperatures (-50° to +60° Celsius), poor lighting conditions, far location of objects of interest, and high levels of moisture or dust.

With its overall capabilities, EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX  becomes the camera of choice for industries, wherein gases, vapors, dust, or clouds escape during production of flammable substances. Hence, they are ideal for oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical industries.


EXTEGRA 9000 FX cameras from Bosch exhibit explosion-proof capabilities.

EXTEGRA 9000 FX cameras from Bosch exhibit explosion-proof capabilities.


Deployment in extreme conditions

With certifications from ATEX and IECEX, EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX is assured to operate within safety standards in hazardous environments. They are tested according to the IEC standard EN50130-5 for continuous and safe operation in areas subjected to temperatures, ranging from -50° to +60° Celsius (-58° to 140° Fahrenheit). The camera’s CSA and IEC 60950-1 certifications also add to its total quality and safety.

Aside from the  default aluminum housings, EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX also offers a stainless steel version for industries that are being deployed in caustic environments, such as offshore sites and chemical plants. Both the stainless steel and aluminum housings are IP68 and NEMA 6P certified, and resistant to corrosion and high levels of moisture and dust.

EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX products feature a 30x optical zoom with autofocus, enabling remote configuration of the field of view to identify objects over nine to 700 meters (2,296 ft). The cameras can be powered either through Ethernet (HiPoE) or 24 Volt to make sure that operations are sustained even when one of them fails to supply power.

The EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX family consists of two models. The first model, EXTEGRA IP starlight 9000 FX camera works best for extreme low light situations. It delivers HD video images at 720p HD resolution, and captures fast moving objects up to 60 frames per second. While other cameras fail to provide video data under low light conditions, EXTEGRA IP starlight 9000 FX continues to capture video even down to 0.0103 lux,  and HD images in full color right down to 0.052 lux .

The second model, EXTEGRA IP dynamic 9000 FX is capable of providing maximum resolution in high contrast settings, with 1080p HD resolution. For these cameras to fully deliver in hazardous environments, Bosch has intended for these two cameras to be heavy duty, yet easy to install and maintain. Configuration and firmware can be updated remotely to simplify initial set-up and minimize service visits.


Onboard technologies

The EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX family is equipped with key technologies from Bosch to deliver the highest image quality, network performance, and reliability.

One of these technologies, Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR), cuts storage costs and significantly lowers network strain by reducing bitrate by up to 50 percent. Since excess noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise video quality.

IIntelligent Video Analysis (IVA) adds sense and structure to video through metadata. By smartly combining 16 available IVA rules, complex tasks are simplified and false alarms are minimized. IVA intelligently monitors moving objects, either automatically or based on a predefined alarm rule.

Camera’s local storage further enhances network performance by compensating for short network outages. This ensures that video data is made available in Video Recording Manager (VRM) systems.

Through Dynamic Transcoding technology from Bosch, EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX family users can adjust the bitrate to available bandwidth. In combination with the Video Security application, users can take advantage of mobile devices to access camera controls, live video streams, recordings, and HD images from anywhere, regardless of available bandwidth.

Bosch IP high-definition cameras, encoders, and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other leading vendors. This is backed by ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) conformance and the Integration Partner Program (IPP). This program provides developers with immediate access to software development tools for easy integration of Bosch products with third-party systems. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

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