Bosch Introduces Latest Starlight Technology

The ultimate 24/7 IP video surveillance cameras just got even better. Bosch starlight cameras deliver in extremely low light conditions.


Bosch introduces latest starlight technology

bosch starlight technology

Bosch starlight cameras deliver the highest quality of relevant video surveillance, even in extremely low light conditions. From October, the starlight portfolio will be even further enhanced with improved light sensitivity, superb front and backlight compensation; higher frames rates as well as a wider choice of resolutions and form factors. Another compelling enrichment is that all Bosch IP 6000, 7000 and 8000 starlight cameras will feature Bosch video analytics at the edge as standard, instead of an optional feature requiring no additional investment or license fees from the customer.

Bosch feels that the offering of video analytics at the edge as standard is now a necessity to cater to the ever-increasing demand for details and the proliferation of cameras. Bosch video analytics adds sense and structure to video data already at the point of capture (at the edge), enabling users to effortlessly search through large amounts of video data and to pinpoint the information that matters most to them. In this way users can take appropriate action faster, easier and more efficiently. It also enables them to reduce network strain and storage requirements by streaming only the data needed.

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