Bosch Introduces New FLEXIDOME IP Camera Units

The latest FLEXIDOME units from Bosch prides in its ability to deliver professional video surveillance, without compromising ease of use.

The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras make professional video surveillance easy for everyone

Bosch launches next generation IP camera units from the FLEXIDOME family with the advent of FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000. The latest additions in Bosch’s IP camera portfolio enable small and medium-sized organizations to deliver professional video surveillance solutions easily.

As FLEXIDOME IP cameras are ideal for everyday video surveillance situations, the new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras provide an excellent price-performance ratio, raising the bar higher in terms of image quality, installation, data management, and monitoring.

Bosch launches latest units from the FLEXIDOME family

Highest image quality with lowest network strain

High image resolution significantly increases the effectiveness of live video and retrospective analysis, with its ability to identify individuals or minute details. All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras have built-in technologies which consumes bandwidth only when needed, and customizes the captured images according to the content of the scene.

One of its built-in technology, IDNR (Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction) reduces storage costs and network strain by decreasing data transfer rates or bitrates by up to 50 percent. Since excess noise is already reduced at the source once the image is captured, lower bitrates do not adversely affect video quality. Another is Intelligent Defog which improves the camera’s visibility when capturing foggy or other low contrast scenes.

Ease of installation

The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras are designed for easy installation and configuration. While all FLEXIDOME cameras might offer the same Graphical User Interface (GUI), these newest units substantially simplify set-up and configuration of the cameras. With the new models, complicated cabling becomes a thing of the past, as installation time is significantly reduced.

Safe data storage and data management

All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 models secures back-up and storage of relevant video data through multiple solutions. Video data can be safely stored in the cloud, on a network video recorder such as the DIVAR IP 2000 from Bosch, or on the built-in SD card (depending on camera model).

Access and control

FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 provides 24/7 remote access and control of video data, regardless of available bandwidth, through free viewing clients, such as the Video Security app for iOS or Android devices, or the Video Security Client software. The software enables multiple viewing of sites or camera streams simultaneously and support of all devices running Windows 8.

Through Dynamic Transcoding technology from Bosch, all FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 users can adjust the bitrate to available bandwidth. For users to reap all benefits of Dynamic Transcoding, IP video surveillance system must be extended with either a DIVAR IP recording solution or VIDEOJET XTC from Bosch.

All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras integrate seamlessly with software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other leading vendors. This is backed by ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) conformance, and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which provides developers with immediate access to software development tools for easy integration of Bosch products with third-party systems. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

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