Bosch Develops Video Solution For Three Turkish Production Plants

Bosch Security Systems has delivered a centrally managed video surveillance solution for three production plants of Naksan Holding in Turkey.

IP-Based Video Solution From Bosch Secures Three Production Plants In Turkey

Bosch Security Systems has developed a networked video surveillance solution for three production plants of Naksan Holding. Naksan Holding manufactures markets plastic packaging products, fabrics, and carpets through its subsidiaries. The company’s three factories are operated in Gaziantep, Turkey, close to the Syrian border, and for security reasons, it required video surveillance solutions for all three factories. At the same time, the company wanted to centrally manage the video surveillance solution in order to benefit from efficient operations. The company’s primary goals included ensuring parameter safety and security and monitoring entry and exit points for people, vehicles, and production areas.


Naksan Holding Plant in Turkey

Working together with local partners Ateksis and the installer Netplus, Bosch developed the networked video surveillance solution that included over 250 fixed IP dome and box cameras across the three plants. Netplus also installed 18 AUTODOME IP PTZ cameras, as well as six DINION IP 7000 HD cameras for number plate recognition. Only day/night cameras with full HD resolution where used in order to guarantee optimal image quality. A central Enterprise edition of the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) and Video Recording Manager (VRM) manage all cameras of the three plants. When an alarm condition is met, alerting operating personnel is possible even without constant viewing of the monitors through distributed storage and Intelligent Video Analysis. The Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction significantly reduces the bitrate of transmitted videos, which saves network bandwidth and storage cost without compromising video quality. In case of a failure, continuous operations are safeguarded through redundant iSCSI systems that store images.

The Enterprise BVMS makes it possible for Naksan to use a single server to operate, configure, and manage the video solution across all three production plants. The Enterprise BVMS also supports individual user rights and has the ability to display images in an Internet browser, making it available on any computer without needing to install any additional software. Bosch’s Dynamic Transcoding technology also transmits HD images to mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.



The entire solution is IP based, which will not need additional cabling and can be installed on existing IT infrastructure. Any needed expansions in the future will be made easy because of the open structure design that makes the system highly scalable. Seamless integration of third-party applications is also made possible through BVMS.

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Source: (Bosch Security)