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“Our Best Products are Our People”

At MEC we believe that our greatest source of energy is our people. We offer a wide range of employment opportunities to help you grow in the world of ICT. We are looking for new team members to help take us into the future. Our workforce is a great mix of experienced and fresh people, committed to doing great work and give value to excellence.

We give our teammates the opportunity to grow in their fields and rise through the ranks of the company. We are committed to aligning their goals with the ours so that we can create and environment where the ecosystem helps everyone achieve their goals. Through the years we have developed highly technical individuals with a wider horizon of a brighter future.

MEC Alumni Testimonials

Former Cebu Operations Head

MEC opened my eyes to the new world of ICT – na hindi pala ito world of geeks, but it is a tool for nation building and it bridges people.

Jonathan Lim, Former Cebu Operations Head

Former HR Team

MEC has inspired me then, trusting and believing in my own little ways of showing and sharing my talents and capabilities to help achieve the company goal. After MEC, I've already worked with 3 other companies in 3 different countries. Surely in the best position to compare, MEC is one GREAT company! MEC will always be in my heart.

Sky Murillo, Former HR Team

Former Channel Accounts Manager

MEC is a company where you will grow and develop your skills/knowledge in the ICT Infrastructure and Surveillance Technology because this is their field of expertise. MEC is a workplace where I considered the people as my extended family! Fun, work, kulitan, work, bonding, work Ü

Carlo Malantic, Former Channel Accounts Manager

Job Opportunities


Product Sales Manager

Works closely with principals to generate more leads and identify prospective partners/clients by applying the most effective market-based product strategies

Marketing Manager

Develop and lead a marketing team that will develop and execute new concepts, business models, channels and partners to position business as innovator and leader

Audit Manager

Branch Manager (Cebu)

Responsible for account management in Cebu. He/She will also monitor the performance of other Sales employees and performs necessary training or coaching to maximize the attainment of company sales objectives and productivity.

HR Supervisor

Knowledgeable in all facets of HR

Project Service Supervisor

Monitors all aspects of the project assigned to Project Lead and Technical Engineers from the beginning stage until acceptance

Post-Sales Engineer

Provides support to the technical product handled

Sales Account Officer

To work closely with the Sales Administration, Marketing, Accounting and Logistics to ensure work flow process and standards is being observed at all time.

Inside Sales Staff

Takes all incoming calls and address all sales related product inquiry with fast and efficient service

PMAG Associate

Assists Product Managers in administrative work, planning, monitoring and as support in case PM is out of town, or on leave


CPA with 4 years of experience related to the field

Accounting Staff

To submit management reports on a regular basis and in a timely manner that will aid management in making decisions and to monitor and make sure that assigned projects are billed on time and corrected according to agreed terms


Ensures timely and regular collection of all payments, documents from clients

Accounting Staff

To submit management reports on a regular basis and in a timely manner that will aid management in making decisions and to monitor and make sure that assigned projects are billed on time and corrected according to agreed terms

Internal Auditor

Audit Assistant

The Audit Assistant will formulate new policies to improve company’s current policies so Management can achieve its objectives. He/She will check compliance of company policies and will evaluate appropriateness of existing internal control policies.

Credit and Collection Staff

Monitors collection of enterprise accounts and pull out of items to clients

NetSuite Programmer

Customer Service Representative

Knowledgeable on the internal processes of the Team which may include but not limited to TCC, RMA, Service Sales and Training

Sales Assistant

Develops and maintains business relationships with existing and prospective clients; generates new business opportunities for the organization’s products and services

Demo Assistant

The role of Demo Assistant is to manage all Demo items available for testing by potential buyers.

Dispatch Coordinator

The role of the Dispatch Coordinator is to oversee the whole dispatching and delivery process by coordinating with drivers and delivery clerks during the delivery for the purpose of monitoring.

Demo Coordinator

Coordinates with the inventory team, order management team, sales team for the reservation, processing and controlling of demo items

Inventory Controller

Maintains the physical inventory items as well as the inventory in the system of the business units.

Inventory Assistant

The role of the Inventory Assistant is to aid in the overall warehouse operations by working hand in hand with the Inventory Controller in managing inventory and arrangement of stocks inside the warehouse.


Coordinates with inventory assistant regarding the items that will be picked

Aircon Technician

Must have experience in inverter aircon

Student OJT

To provide back office or technical support

Meet the Team



Our warehouse team handles and ensures that our products are delivered on time and ready to use so that our customers can start innovating ASAP. The team is consisted of individuals dedicated to maintaining and improving our inventories.



Like everyone in MEC, our technical team consists of people who love technology. The technical support team is composed of individuals that are experts with the ins and outs of the products and solutions we provide, with this knowledge, they are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Providing easy deployment customers just can’t get anywhere.



Marketing is the team that interacts most frequently with the public and, consequently, what the public knows about us is determined by their interactions with them. Our marketing group consists of people who takes care of our customer’s experiences from discovery to acquisition.

inside sales

Inside Sales

We go beyond just having field teams strategically positioned around the country, we also have our in house sales and support team to make sure customers are always taken care of because we just value customer satisfaction very much.

product management

Product Management

Our Product Managers, which are assigned to their respective brands, functions to provide global principals the Philippine market demographics and requirements. PM’s carry out the responsibility of enabling both our own and our partners’ sales and tech teams ti ensure proper reach of solution deployment.

channel accounts manager

Channel Accounts Management

Our Channel Account Managers, whom we assign to their respective partners and resellers, functions to provide pre-sales and post-sales support for the partners’ projects. This allows our Business Partners to be trained and enabled to be efficient in providing our products & solutions.

strategic sales

Strategic Sales Management

Our SSMs collaborates closely with end users and their projects to gain detailed understanding of their business requirements, thus in turn provides a customized solution and value engineered designs for the project.

telco team

Telco Team

Our Telco Team functions to provide coverage for the dynamic requirements of the Local Telecom’s infrastructure and Corporate Reseller Team.