ICTip #5: Analog vs. IP Cameras

How much of an advantage does digital really give you? Is it worth spending money on upgrading from analog to digital?

ICTip #5: Analog vs. IP Cameras

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Most of us may be aware of the fact that digital has been dominating analog in all aspects whether it’s video quality or ease of installation. One redeeming advantage of analog is its cost-efficiency, but the cost of IP cameras are rapidly declining as well. How much of an advantage does digital really give you? Is it worth spending money on upgrading from analog to digital? Here’s a comparison table of analog vs. IP cameras to help you decide on your next video surveillance investment.

Analog vs. IP Comparison Table

Analog CCTVIP Surveillance System
Cabling CostRequires more labor on cabling for computation (coaxial and power).Reduces cost by enabling single cable layout¸ reduces cost in conduits for buildings.
ScalabilityDoes not scale with growth of surveillance. Requires more cabling¸ power and hardware as you scale.Requires less cost on expansion since network is already in place¸ only requires camera and storage.
Operation SustainabilityDoes not support local recording via SD card¸ video will be lost once cable gets disconnected.Provides sustainability even at network disconnection via local SD card recording¸ much suitable in operation
Data EncryptionDoes not cater data encryption upon transmitting to cable¸ very prone to data leak.All video transmission are encrypted via enterprise grade protocol
AnalyticsNone in camera¸ motion detection rely only on the DVR¸ single point of failure.Edge analytics creates more control and less dependency on single point hardware architecture
Business IntelligenceFor surveillance use only.IP Cameras allow intelligence to be built at the camera level and allow additional applications like video face detection¸ license plate recognition¸ etc.

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— Francis Manlapaz, Technical Consultant for Physical Security


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