About Us

The Philippine's ICT Distributor of Choice.

What is ICT?

Information and Communications Technology or ICT enables people to innovate ways to access information by providing means to communicate, collaborate, and compute. As information serves as the fabric of our decision-making processes, a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure is critical for any organization to achieve its goals.

what is ict

Who We Are

MEC Networks Corporation is the Philippines’ premier ICT & Physical Security Products, Solutions and Services Distributor. Helping in bringing a brighter Future Today through World-Class ICT Distribution, MEC Networks Corporation is committed in helping organizations achieve their goals with ICT products, solutions, and services.


Our Mission & Vision

MEC Networks Corporation is committed in fostering a globally competitive Philippines through providing the technological advances of tomorrow.

Our Culture

To fulfill our Vision and Mission, we uphold and incorporate our core values and philosophies:



Passion for Excellence


Growth and Development

Strong and Firm Partnership

Customer Care

Focus on Our People

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Knowledge Sharing

What We Do

For our End Customers

Because we believe in the future, we only want what’s best for the people who are going to use the products we distribute. We carefully and strategically select the brands we carry to make sure that the organizations we work with are given a globally competitive advantage so they can focus on innovating and contributing and helping our country move forward.

For our Business Partners

We value our partnership with our resellers, we aim to help them not just in selling our products but also in growing as an organization. We do our best to provide great enablement programs to make sure our partners are well equipped to help more organizations achieve their goals with innovation.

For our Principals

We believe great products help people make a difference.
that’s why we want to help innovators from around the world preach their solutions and fast track and expand their distribution here in the country to make sure they are reaching the right people at the right time.

For our Employees

We believe that continuous fine tuning and making our system stable can help in developing people that will contribute in changing the world and make it a better place. We are a company that employs people with same vision and values, with that we are united as one family with a common goal.

For the Country

MEC provides products, solutions and services that helps in solving not just the problems of today, our offerings also aim to make organizations ready for the tomorrow.

We believe that by helping organizations innovate the way they do business with the power of technology, we are helping our nation grow and harness its potential. Enabling us to contribute more to the global society.

For Everyone

Innovation is the key to the Future. We believe that by dedicating ourselves in helping people solve the problems of tomorrow today, we are enabling them to focus more on what is more important.

With this we believe we are able touch everyone’s lives by contributing in Bringing a Better Tomorrow, Today.


More than Distribution, We Provide Solutions

From banking, academe, healthcare to construction, and many more, we offer complete ICT infrastructure solutions for wide-ranging industries. In a certain industry, there will always be trends that organizations have to adapt to in meeting new challenges in a technologically advanced world like Cloud Computing, BYOD, and Big Data. These trends are undergo development phases in ICT infrastructure. To fully adapt to tech trends, organizations will have to undergo infrastructure set-up, security, expansion and optimization.


Our Headquarters

As a distribution company, MEC carefully selects the brands it carries through standardized processes to ensure that the best products are introduced to the right users at the right time. Products from our principals abroad are shipped to our warehouse and headquarters, @MEC Centre, and then sent to our pool of distributors for delivery to end-users across the country.


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