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Distribution Since 1995

More than Distribution,
We Provide Solutions

MEC Networks Corporation is a distribution company that provides
Value Added ICT and Physical Security Products, Solutions & Services in the Philippines.


We Distribute

State of the art, Best of Breed, Carefully Handpicked ICT and Physical Security Products for small to large scaled businesses in the Philippines.

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We Provide

World Class, Tried and Tested, IT Solutions Consultancy with our team of experts and modern facilities to help our customers achieve their goals.

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We Deliver

Quality and Certified Support to our clients during every stage of their ICT development to ensure the effectiveness of our Products and Solutions.

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Core Services

Value Added
ICT Distribution

MEC is not your average distribution company; we provide services that add value to the products we distribute. Through MEC’s value-added distribution, the company has been able to help its clients continuously innovate their operations with add-on services.


World Class ICT Products made available in the Philippines.


We Help You Decide the Best Solution for your Situation.


Trained Engineers Ensuring your Solutions are Well Planned and Implemented.


Deployment, Installation and Support for the Products we Provide.


Making sure you receive the best customer experience.


KnowledgeHub: Our Knowledge Transfer Facilities

Solution Offerings

Access the Right
ICT Solutions

MEC Networks Corporation provides organizations from different industries with ICT & Physical Security Solutions focused on technologies that we believe are vital to help you and your organization focus on what you do and continue innovating.

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Reliable Backbone and Cabling Solutions

Wired Networks

Programmable and Cloud & Mobile Ready Switches


Simple Indoor and Outdoor Wireless for Mobility

Unified Communications

Simple and Easy Unified Communications Solutions.

Physical Security

Intelligent Video Surveillance, Analytics and Access Control.

Network Security

Secured Networks for Cloud, BYOD, and More

Servers & Storage

Cloud-Ready Big Data Management and Protection.

Network Performance

Performance & Visibility for Network and Applications


What our customers are saying:

Fastlink (MEC Partner)

MEC’s value is highlighted by its focused and complete ICT solution and support. MEC’s flexibility in solutions, processes and workforce provides SI’s such as us convenience and aid in our everyday projects. Our shortcomings are masked by MEC’s strengths. With such, growth is mutual. This is the kind of partnership we value. More than being treated like partners, we feel like we are treated like family.

Randy Muyuela, Fastlink (MEC Partner)

ShoreTel (Principal)

MEC is quite simply an indispensable part of ShoreTel in the Philippines. Its willingness to provide not just financial backing but more importantly to invest in human and technical resources, has helped ShoreTel become known as an emerging leader in Unified Communications. With its thorough knowledge of the local corporate landscape and indeed the trust that resellers and customers alike put in MEC, there is no doubt that ShoreTel has found the right partner in the Philippines.

Jig Reyes, ShoreTel (Principal)

Richmonde Hotels (End User)

The HP equipment has solved the problem of needing improved performance and higher bandwidth - it has met my expectations and everything works well.

Marl Anthony Kallos, Richmonde Hotels (End User)

Dvtel (Principal)

CCTV systems are transitioning to IP and IT based solutions which are far more superior with many added features such as remote view, it is possible to get very good quality HD video all within a attractive cost envelope – MEC experience in networking and storage combined with DVTEL CCTV systems are very compelling – ask your MEC team for a CCTV design to exceed your expectations but not your budget.

Eric Lee, Dvtel (Principal)

Area Manager of Panduit in the Philippines

Panduit right now is moving forward into a different world – transformation. So partnering with MEC, there’s lot of potentials,

Joel Cayacap, Area Manager of Panduit in the Philippines

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