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What our customers are saying:

Fastlink (MEC Partner)

MEC’s value is highlighted by its focused and complete ICT solution and support. MEC’s flexibility in solutions, processes and workforce provides SI’s such as us convenience and aid in our everyday projects. Our shortcomings are masked by MEC’s strengths. With such, growth is mutual. This is the kind of partnership we value. More than being treated like partners, we feel like we are treated like family.

Randy Muyuela, Fastlink (MEC Partner)

Allied Bank (End User)

Customer service and availability can make or break a bank’s reputation, so it was vital that we install a high-performing network that would enable us to maintain our competetive lead without a heavy burden to our bottom line. Thanks to ProCurve, we now have a very reliable network that is secure, flexible and scaleable enough to ensure our growth into the foreseeable future. We could not have hoped for more.

Guiseppe Borden, Allied Bank (End User)

GMA Network (End User)

With the new ProCurve Networking solution, GMA’s Broadcast Automation System (BAS) was able to handle a 25% increase in advertisements without any problem. This new system makes our BAS one of the most advanced such technology implementations in this country. Procurve’s solution provides GMA Network the scalability to expand fast to cover more areas of operation. This is particularly necessary to support our International expansion program to reach countries where there is a high concentration of Filipino immigrants. GMA is currently running both local and international TV network distributions using BAS and will soon be adding another two distribution networks that will also be relying on the same ProCurve Infrastructure.

Felipe S. Yalong, GMA Network (End User)

ShoreTel (Principal)

MEC is quite simply an indispensable part of ShoreTel in the Philippines. Its willingness to provide not just financial backing but more importantly to invest in human and technical resources, has helped ShoreTel become known as an emerging leader in Unified Communications. With its thorough knowledge of the local corporate landscape and indeed the trust that resellers and customers alike put in MEC, there is no doubt that ShoreTel has found the right partner in the Philippines.

Jig Reyes, ShoreTel (Principal)

Robinson's Land (End User)

By eradicating network failure and increasing network performance, ProCurve has allowed Robinsons’ staff to do their jobs without having to constantly battle network downtime. As an organization, we have been freed up to focus on delivering our business objectives – for the first time in a long time. And we have the peace of mind that our network is resilient and flexible enough to support our planned future growth.

Mel Cabreros, Robinson's Land (End User)

Richmonde Hotels (End User)

The HP equipment has solved the problem of needing improved performance and higher bandwidth - it has met my expectations and everything works well.

Marl Anthony Kallos, Richmonde Hotels (End User)

Dvtel (Principal)

CCTV systems are transitioning to IP and IT based solutions which are far more superior with many added features such as remote view, it is possible to get very good quality HD video all within a attractive cost envelope – MEC experience in networking and storage combined with DVTEL CCTV systems are very compelling – ask your MEC team for a CCTV design to exceed your expectations but not your budget.

Eric Lee, Dvtel (Principal)

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